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Always-on protection of your bottom line.


Weather and climate disasters per year in the U.S.


Power outages per year in the U.S.


Average hours of downtime per power outage

You can’t always predict the future, but you can always be prepared for it

Planned and unplanned volume surges, significant weather events, power outages, and public health emergencies all have the potential to put strain on or even disable your contact center. At risk are customer loyalty and revenue.

Disruptive events are inevitable, but NexRep can help you safeguard the reputation and value of your customer care operations, even during the most difficult times.

Business continuity solutions to ensure you’re always prepared

NexRep’s distributed network of independent contractor agents and built-in redundancies make us more flexible, more agile, and more reliable than brick-and-mortar facilities.

When a blizzard drops on the Northeast, we have coverage in the South. When a hurricane hits from the South, we have coverage in the Midwest. When your sales unexpectedly skyrocket, our agent network will scale in lockstep with your business.

And when other businesses are forced to send workers home due to public health concerns, our network of at-home agents continue with business as usual.

Our business continuity solutions can help you with:


Disaster Preparedness

Our distributed network is available to support your customers whenever they need it, regardless of the weather in Texas or the blackout in Virginia


Marketing & Promotions Support

When you have planned marketing events, promotions, and new product launches, we’ll coordinate our agent network to fully support your business and customer growth.


Surge Planning

Our flexible and agile model allows us to scale alongside your contact volume. Our agent network can flex to handle significant volume increases not within weeks, but within days or even hours.


Customer Care Recovery

If you fall out of service level and need to lean more on NexRep’s broad agent network, we’ll mobilize the resources needed to quickly bring you back up to goal.


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